Toyota Hardtop (J40) 1960 – 1984

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My father was have Toyota Hadtop J40, when he was young and I just 6 y.o, this car is our family car. I don’t know why this car have been memories about us. But now everything is broken, my father was died. He gave me his Toyota J40 to me, I promise that I will take care about this care. Even thoughs this car is high consumption about fuel. But I think this care is really good. I’ve tried to driveio it. That’s excellent!
Here the specification :

Manufacturer     Toyota
Also called

    Toyota Bandeirante (Brazil)
    Toyota Macho (Venezuela)


    1968–2001 (Brazil)

Body and chassis
Class     Compact SUV
Body style    
    2-door truck
    2-door SUV
    4-door SUV (1960-66)

Layout     Front engine, rear-wheel drive / four-wheel drive

    3.8L F I6
    4.2L 2F I6
    3.0L B I4 diesel
    3.2L 2B I4 diesel
    3.4L OM324 I4 diesel
    3.4L 3B I4 diesel
    3.6L H I6 diesel
    3.7L 14B I4 diesel
    3.8L OM314 I4 diesel
    4.0L OM364 I4 diesel
    4.0L 2H I6 diesel


    2,285 mm (90 in)
    2,430 mm (96 in)
    2,650 mm (104 in)
    2,950 mm (116 in))
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